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NWC‑0495 DinionXF Day/Night IP Cameras

Camera quan sát NWC‑0495 DinionXF Day/Night IP Cameras

Mã hàng: NWC‑0495 DinionXF Day/Night IP C

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  • High quality Day/Night IP camera with mechanically switching IR-filter
  • 15-bit DSP technology with XF-dynamic extended dynamic range
  • DVD-quality, 4CIF video at up to 30 IPS
  • Storage efficient tri-streaming: Dual MPEG-4/H.264 and M-JPEG simultaneously

Dinion XF Day/Night IP cameras are modern, hybrid systems that support legacy-direct analog output, as well as modern network delivery. They can stream video simultaneously on both channels. Equipped with 15-bit DSP with XF-dynamic, they have an extended dynamic range for sharper, more detailed images with outstanding color reproduction. Supporting the award-winning Dinion XF digital imaging ...