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Enterasys XSR™ Security Routers

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High-performance, secure WAN routing, firewall and VPN

There are many remote routers that integrate firewall and VPN features -- but can they deliver security without sacrificing performance? The Tolly Group has verified that Enterasys’ remote-office routers top Cisco in head-to-head routing, QoS and VPN tests. The Enterasys XSR™ security routers feature VPN hardware acceleration, stateful deep-packet inspection firewall, and a broad range of WAN interfaces. Powerful management and configuration tools -- including industry-standard Command Line Interface, SNMP integration and client/server Java application management support -- provide extensive remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, critical in environments without on-site networking expertise. Unlike typical WAN routers, the XSR Security Routers provide best-of-breed security and maintain performance when VPN and QoS features are enabled. 

When combined with the XSR’s powerful IP WAN routing, the XSR VPN feature set complements the XSR’s industry-leading Quality of Service, NAT functionality and firewall features, making it ideal for remote offices that require secure connectivity. Using the XSR’s embedded VPN acceleration engine, the XSR’s aggregate VPN throughput and tunnel capacity are significantly higher than competitive offerings. The XSR delivers seamless VPN interoperability with standards-based VPN gateways, as well as with all major operating systems’ embedded VPN clients. The software’s flexibility is further demonstrated by its support of a rich suite of VPN protocols for both site-to-site and remote access communications. 

The Enterasys XSR Firewall feature set delivers a high-performance, policy-managed, stateful inspection multilayer firewall. The addition of an enterprise-class firewall complements the XSR’s industry-leading IP WAN routing, Quality of Service, NAT functionality and VPN features, making it well-suited for remote offices that require integrated connectivity, VPN and firewall functionality. 

With both firewall and VPN enabled, the XSR delivers an unprecedented level of security to the branch or regional office in a single integrated device. And, in contrast to competitive solutions, the XSR offers the power and performance needed to deliver full-featured security while maintaining wire-speed WAN performance.