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Midspan PoE

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Single-Port Midspan Power over Ethernet

Enterasys offers market leading high-power multiport modular and fixed managed switching solutions that meet the demands of the most power hungry applications. For applications requiring low density, unmanaged, single-port PoE injectors, Enterasys offers Microsemi PowerDsine single-port midspan devices that include support for Gigabit connectivity and standards-based 802.3af and 802.3at (30W) high-power PoE solutions.

High-power PoE midspans supply reliable, uninterrupted power to IP phones, 802.11n access points, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and other Ethernet devices using existing LAN cable infrastructure. This technology, when used in conjunction with a centralized UPS, provides a cost-effective means to upgrade to PoE and ensures continuous operation during power failures, while eliminating the time and cost of installing separate power cabling.

Enterasys offers the following single-port midspan products as an effective means for customers to inject power into their LAN infrastructure: