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NV‑653T/NV‑652R Video Transceiver

NV‑653T/NV‑652R Video Transceiver

Mã hàng: NV‑653T/NV‑652R

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  • Full-motion monochrome or color video
  • Transmit up to 1 km (3000 ft) with NV-213A or NV-213A-M transceivers and UTP cable
  • Transmit up to 2.4 km (8000 ft) in combination with an active component and UTP CAT 5 cable (NTSC only). UTP CAT 52 and CAT 3 cable allow distances up to 1.6 km (5280 ft)
  • Exceptional interference rejection

The NV-652R video receiver and NV-653T video transmitter are active (amplified) devices that allow the transmission of real-time monochrome or color video up to 1 km (3000 ft) when used with NV-213A and NV-213A‑M transceivers.